Skis Designed with a Fun Approach

K2 skis was founded in 1960 off the coast of Seattle on Vashon Island. What began as a focus on counter-cultural ways of playing in the snow has become a way of leading the masses into modern and exciting ways to ski. The first twin-tipped skis used for freeriding big mountain skiing were designed and manufactured by K2 skis. Today the Marksman line, which replaces the discontinued Shreditor 102 and 112 models, features an asymmetrical side-cut. The unique shape makes this a versatile ski that is fun on both soft snow and big mountain conditions.

In addition to the Marksman, other men’s K2 skis for sale include The Konic line that is perfect for groomed snow and the Pinnacle line with all mountain terrain versatility. Coomba, Press, Powabunga, and Poacher lines round out the category. Even the names of these skis are fun! The manufacturer is also the largest seller of women-specific skis worldwide. Remedy, Missconduct, Talkback, and LUV lines make for an impressive selection of women’s skis in an industry that tends to focus on versatile and powerful skis for men. High-quality skis are made to last for several years, if not decades. That means that skiers can find a wide variety of used K2 skis, as well as other top brands, such as Volkl, Rossignol, and Blizzard.

Skis of that caliber are not always available at bargain pricing. The demands, especially for the newest models, are reflected in the price. Those with budgetary constraints can still enjoy excellent skis if they shop around and select a large and experienced retailer. Online pricing tends to be the lowest, but depending on the site, the personal touch is eliminated. It is not easy to get expert advice on which type of ski would be best for the preferred skiing conditions, or help with sizing. Individual attention is higher at physical stores, but the options are limited due to space. The ideal retailer is one that operates a physical location and a website. The skier will get the lowest pricing and the benefit of knowledgeable staff accustomed to helping customers with selection and answering questions.

Another way to get top brand skis is to seek out demo skis. They are skis formerly used by hotels, resorts, and ski lodges as rental skis. Most have less than one-hundred hours on the slopes, and all have been well-maintained. Demo skis are typically offered to larger retailers that have the space to display and store the skis, and the customer base required to sell them quickly. Do not settle for lower quality skis when demo and used top brand skis are available.


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